Nearly 100 Black Students Dress As Kings For Special Awards Ceremony

Photo: Getty Images

A special awards ceremony in Tampa, Florida saw nearly 100 Black male students dressed as kings to accept their accolades.

According to Black News, the Brothers United Building Brothers Alliance (B.U.B.B.A) recently held its annual Sons in Suits Community Awards, honoring young boys' and men's personal and academic achievements.

Nearly 100 boys from Icon Preparatory School, a Black-owned non-profit corporation founded in 2018 by mostly HBCU graduates, attended the 2024 Sons in Suits awards dressed as kings to accept their honors. The boys donned majestic attire resembling historical monarchs to symbolize the dignity and potential that transcends each of them.

School and organization leaders hope images of the young kings will serve as "a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that positive reinforcement and representation can have on the lives of young people," Black News reports. They also hope events like these "serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, illuminating the path toward a brighter and more inclusive future for all," per the outlet.

See a video of the event below.

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